Upcoming Events

Monday, 29th January - First day of formal classes!

Sunday, 25th March - Under 18 Series - Tournament 1.  Hosted by Central Region - Further information to be found HERE.

Monday, 2nd April - Easter Monday.  No training.  All classes can attend the relevant Wednesday session.

Monday 9th & Wednesday 11th April -  Mini Kids gradings held. Cost for grading is $20 for one and $35 for a family of two or more students.

Saturday 14th April - TKD Kubz Instructor Course in Auckland! Mr & Mrs O will be attending this course and will come back all trained up and excited about teaching 3-5 year olds in this specialised programme.

Wednesday 18th April  - Master Mark Hutton, VIII dan (creator of TKD Kubz and Master Hutton Fitness) will be running one of his amazing seminars at our club!  This seminar will run from 6:15pm till 8:45pm.  There will be a charge for this class even though it is a normal training night which will be $35 for an individual and $65 for a family group of 2.  Master Hutton is known internationally for being one of the most dynamic and exciting TKD practitioners and instructors in the WORLD!  So don't miss your chance to train with him.

Thursday 19th April - Master Mark Hutton, VIII dan, will be running a specialist class for 4-6 year olds (KUBZ!), followed by a super cool kids class for ages 6 - 12yrs. Exact details of times/venue/price are still being finalised for these sessions.

Saturday 21st April - Instructor Update Course.  Open to all Instructors and Assistants, 1st dan and over. The venue is yet to be finalised for this event.  The cost is $65 and there is a 10% discount for family groups.  This course will be very special as Master McPhail will be assisted by none other than our special guest for the month, Master Hutton! REGISTER HERE

Sunday 29th April - Instructor Induction Course.  Open to all students that are blue belt or above. Cost to attend is $65 with a 10% discount for family groups.  This course is a compulsory requirement for grading to 1st dan so anyone that is interested in dan grading in the next year or so needs to complete this course as we may not have one in Christchurch next year.

Saturday 12th May - South Island Regional Tournament!!!  Registrations and further information about this event will be available very soon.  This year the tournament is being jointly organised/hosted by Pulse & Halswell clubs.

Sunday 10th June - Under 18 Series - Tournament 2.  Hosted by Midlands Region.  Further information to be found HERE.

Saturday14th/Sunday 15th July - ITKD National Tournament - Hosted by Wellington.  More information to be found HERE.

Thurs 27th September to Mon 1st October - ITF World Cup in Sydney, Australia!.  More information to be found HERE.

Sunday 14th October - Under 18 Series - Tournament 3.  Hosted by Counties Manukau.  More information to be found HERE.

Fr 23rd - Sun 25th November - ITKD National Kids Camp. This annual event is always a stunner and the camp fee is just $20 (but you do have to get yourself to Tauranga as well!). More information to be found HERE.

Calendar of Events