Upcoming Events

16th September - South Island Regional Tournament
To be held at the Celebration Centre, Bickerton Street, Wainoni.  This is the South Island Region's biggest event of the year and a great chance for our Southern TKD family to come together and to watch some of our awesome practitioners in action!

24th September

Lego Ninjago Movie Fundraiser for the World Champs. - At just $20 a ticket for the movie and some delicious Hell pizza for lunch before hand, this promises to be a great family day out and all proceeds go to support our World Champs athletes, Ms Helen Caley & Mr Mani Depree on their campaign to Ireland in October.  Register below or email info@pulsetkd.co.nz for more information.  Tickets are limited so you need to be registered and paid up to secure your seat (and food!).

9th - 15th October - ITF World Championships - Dublin, Ireland!
Stay tuned here for more information about how to watch the live stream of this years pinnacle international event!

Calendar of Events