All ITKD Head Instructors are required to have a current ITKD Instructor's Certification and First Aid Certificate as well being Police Vetted.

Head Instructor/Owner
Mrs Angela Oliver, IV dan
Mrs Oliver began training in Taekwon-Do in 1992 at the age of 11, starting in Blenheim with the then Grovetown club. Mrs Oliver had some years off training in her teenage years, and again in her early 20's finally grading to first dan in 2009 at the age of 27, and then opening Pulse Taekwon-Do in May 2010.  Mrs Oliver has been involved in the management of the South Island team since 2008 and was the Team Manager for the New Zealand TKD Team who took away the Best Overall Country award at the 2011 World Championships hosted in Wellington.  Mrs Oliver was the South Island Regional Director from 2013 to 2017, and enjoys arranging events for Taekwon-Do practitioners around the South Island.  In addition to training in and teaching Taekwon-Do Mrs Oliver is also is also a Personal Trainer and enjoys running sessions for up and coming young athletes trying to improve their sports performance by working on their strength and conditioning base as a sideline to their Taekwon-Do (or other sport) training.  Mrs Oliver is mother to Chloe, 3.5yrs and Dominic, 2yrs and enjoys reading, cooking and watching movies in her spare time between family and Taekwon-Do commitments.  Mrs Oliver's goal is to open a full time Taekwon-Do School/Fitness Training facility servicing all walks of life in her local community.

Assistant Instructor
Ms Helen Caley, IV dan

Ms Caley began her training with the Otago University club in 2005.  When she graduated from university she relocated to Christchurch for work and became part of the Riccarton Club.  Ms Caley was a very active member of the club, organising club events and was also the Regional Secretary and Treasurer during her time with the Riccarton Club.  Ms Caley graded to 1st dan in December 2008 and was responsible for teaching the Riccarton club's first kids classes!  In 2012 Ms Caley decided that she wanted to be more competitive in her Taekwon-Do and she moved to Auckland to train for the trials for the NZ National Team heading to Spain in 2013.  Ms Caley was successful and represented NZ in both Individual 2nd degree Patterns where she won a Bronze medal and Team Special Technique (flying kicks) where the team won Gold!  Ms Caley moved back to Christchurch in May of 2014 and decided to move to Pulse TKD where she has acted as Assistant Instructor ever since.  In 2017 Ms Caley again represented NZ at the World Champs in Ireland, this time for Individual 4th degree patterns, Individual and Team Specialty, bringing home 2 silver medals in both the individual and team specialty events. Ms Caley loves the outdoors and in her spare time enjoys getting out hiking and enjoying NZ's amazing scenery.

 Luke Jackson, II dan

Mr Jackson began training at the Riccarton Taekwon-Do Club under Mr David Oliver when he was just 6 years old.  Mr Jackson graded to 1st degree black belt in 2010 at the age of 13 and soon after moved with Mrs Oliver when she opened Pulse Taekwon-Do. Mr Jackson was selected to represent New Zealand in Individual Sparring, Team Sparring & Team Power Breaking the 2013 World Champs in Benidorm, Spain where he won a silver medal in Junior Male Team Power Breaking!  Mr Jackson is the first New Zealand Representative to come from Pulse Taekwon-Do and gives back by taking an active hand in our club's sparring & power breaking training.  Mr Jackson then graded to 2nd dan in March of 2014.  Mr Jackson is a great motivation to all of our younger members and a shining example of hard work paying off.  Mr Jackson has recently completed his electrical apprenticeship and will be looking forward to getting back into competitive Taekwon-Do how that he doesn't have so much study to concentrate on!

Kids Class Assistant Instructor
Mr Mani Depree, II dan

Mr Depree began training at Pulse Taekwon-Do in May of 2010.  He was our first new sign up when the club opened in fact and was our second home grown black belt, grading to 1st dan in December 2015.  Mr Depree is an Assistant Instructor in our kids class and is a very active member of Pulse TKD and the South Island region, attending and supporting every tournament and seminar that he can.  Mr Depree was selected in 2017 to represent NZ for the very first time at the World Championships in Ireland which saw him win his first major international sparring match although he didn't come away with a medal this time.  Mr Depree will be working towards a good performance at the World Cup in Sydney in late 2018.

Kids Class Head Instructor
Mr Craig Oliver, I dan

Mr Oliver began his training in the Riccarton club in Christchurch in 2007.  He was spotted for his talent with sparring and special technique right away and was given a double promotion to yellow belt in his first grading so he could be a part of the team competing at the National's that year.  Mr Oliver (married to Mrs Oliver), supported Mrs Oliver in opening Pulse Taekwon-Do in 2010 and has been an active assistant from the club's first day, even though he was still a 3rd gup (blue belt, red stripe).  Mr Oliver graded to 1st dan in May of 2013 and is Pulse TKD's main kids class instructor.  Mr Oliver is a fantastic kids teacher and is definitely one of the favourites for our youngest students.  Mr Oliver loves teaching self defence and injects lots of energy and realism into these sessions to make them really beneficial for our students.  Mr Oliver loves to stay active and outside of his family and Taekwon-Do commitments, enjoys playing touch rugby and cycling.

Mr Riley Jackson, I dan

Mr Jackson began training at Pulse Taekwon-Do in May of 2010, when the club first opened and was our first "home grown" black belt, grading to 1st dan in March 2014.  Mr Jackson has been the quiet achiever in our club, working diligently and with commitment towards each and every grading and tournament that he was involved in.  This was rewarded in his 5th gup grading when he was awarded a double promotion which is a very rare occurrence in the more senior coloured belt ranks.  Mr Jackson enjoys officiating and helping at tournaments and is a very positive member of both Pulse TKD and the South Island Region.  Mr Jackson has been assisting in the Pulse kids classes since he was a blue belt and has developed an energetic and motivating teaching style.  Mr Jackson was the head instructor for the kids class for the first 6 months of 2016 while Mr Oliver was on family leave.  Mr Jackson was away from training for most of 2017 while he completed an intensive diving qualification and hopes in future to become a police diver!

Mr Timothy Ellis, I dan

Mr Ellis began training at Pulse Taekwon-Do in 2011.  He is Pulse Taekwon-Do's 3rd homegrown black belt, grading to 1st dan in December 2015 with an A Pass result.  Mr Ellis is took over the instructing of the kids class from Mr Jackson in the 2nd half of 2016 and did a stellar job of looking after the students until Mr Oliver returned to run the classes in 2017.  Mr Ellis competed at his first international competition at the 2016 ITF World Cup in Budapest.  Mr Ellis has just completed a very successful Year 11 school year and will be hoping to achieve just as well in 2018.

Mr Clive Stanton, 2nd gup (red belt)
Mr Stanton started training with Pulse TKD in early 2013.  He initially joined to increase

his confidence and have something fun to do with his young son.  His son has now left, but Mr Stanton has stayed the distance becoming so valuable to our club that we don't know what we would do with out him!  He assists in all of our kids classes and holds the fort for us when one of our instructors needs to be away.  Mr Stanton loves working with our younger members and outside of TKD works for Youthtown, helping with after school and school holiday programmes.  Mr Stanton's goal this year is to get his 1st degree black belt.

Mr Charlie Walker, 2nd gup (red belt)
Mr Walker is one of our most longstanding members, having joined our club as a 9 year old and is now the tallest 15 year old we've seen!  Mr Walker has spent his time in our club learning how important it is to persevere with your goals and really give it all you have, and he has achieved some really awesome results, most recently being his very successful promotion to 2nd gup. Mr Walker is now one of our assistant instructors in our kids and family class held on a Monday at 5:30pm.

Mr Adam Bealing, 2nd gup (red belt)
Mr Bealing attended our first ever school holiday programme back in 2013 and is one of the only students from this still left training! Adam recently achieved his 2nd gup and is graduating to the youth/adult class this year so very cool to have him sticking with the kids/family class to help out as an assistant instructor for the students he used to train with!

Mr Noel Pabiran, 2nd gup (red belt)
Mr Pabiran is also a recent promotion to 2nd gup, and has been a member of our mini kids instructors team since the 4th term of 2017.  Mr Pabiran has always been a very good practitioner and it's been awesome watching him develop the skills and confidence to pass this on to some of our younger Taekwon-Do practitioners.  Mr Pabiran is an assistant in the Monday 4:45pm class.