Hi Mrs Oliver,

A like to offer a big thank you to and Mr Oliver, for the last term.

When my son started at the start of last term I had noticed his whole attitude towards everything was changing, he was losing interest in School, and losing confidence in dealing with people, I was really worried, and wasn't sure what to do, I actually spent about 4 nights not sleeping. Well what a change, tonight really showed this to me in the way he interacted with the older class.

His marks from school, have gone from below average, to average, may not sound like much but, this has only happened in the last term, we have done a lot of extra school work with him over the last term, and for some reason it has all stuck.

Thought you may find this interesting, and I do believe Taekwon-Do, Mr O and yourself have had a lot to do with this.



Hi Angela,

I just wish to let you know that since starting Pulse TKD Riley has gone from strength to strength.

He has developed confidence in himself & his abilities, his teachers report he seems more 'focused' on his school work & above all he loves coming to class.

Thank you so much for all the effort & attention you put into this club.


Deb Jackson


Hi Ms Barltrop,

Just to let you know Ciaran had assembly at school today and got up on stage and demonstrated some moves briefly and counted up to 30 in Korean! The head mistress asked a few questions and the 4 or so Korean students in the group had huge smiles on their faces as Ciaran counted in Korean.

He is, as is Liam, so enjoying your classes and the discipline, strength and flexibility they are both gaining is invaluable and showing up in other facets of their busy little lives.

Thanks Ms Barltrop.

Andy, Melinda, Liam and Ciaran